New safe gate taking shape


RTC continues to take Giant Strides towards complete Horse and Human safety in Horse racing. With the Indian Engineers working hard to set up the new starting gates, which have just arrived from India, RTC's starting facilities now meets the standards maintained in Australian race courses which use the famous Steriline gates.

The question of how to confine a 500 kg plus thoroughbred and rider safely within a 6 by 2 ½ feet box, even though for a minute or less has always been a challenge. Horse and riders have met with numerous injuries as they are exposed to steel when inside the starting gate. This will no longer happen at RTC as these gates are well padded and as such will ensure that Horses and Jockeys are safe during the brief time they spend inside the gates.

Also the old models of gates are manual and often cause issues such as not opening at the same time. The new gates are battery operated as well and ensures that horses are released at the same time, providing complete fairness to owners as well as safety to Horses who tend to jump at failed gates following their colleagues whose gates have opened.

Further the new gates have a two way locking system which is safe for handlers who are behind the horse attempting to shut the gates. The two-way door locking system also facilitates handlers to lock the gates from a safe distance with troublesome horses, providing complete safety to handlers. Furthermore, the latch can be operated with one hand while the other hand guides the door to lock providing further safety to handlers and less risk of injury to horses.