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    S.D. Lalith Sampath was born on the 25th of November, 1963 in the Nuwara Eliya Town to father Suduwadevaage Peter and mother Ellen Peter. His studies were done at the MP / NU / Painter Memorial College. His father, Sir John Kotelawala, joined the Nuwara Eliya Racecourse around 1954. Then, in 1983, under the inspiration of his father, Mr. Lalith participated in the first pony competition. After the race, he got excited about doing the job.


Thereafter, he was able to take part in horse racing events. He has now won four governor’s trophies as a Jockey and many other trophies and medals.

In addition, the race for the Solomon Dias Bandaranaike Trophy in Sri Lanka was held on two occasions which he came victorious on both occasions. In those games, he rode a horse named “ancient worrier”.


He also won the SAS in 2000 and the record can be broken in a few more years. That is in the year 3000. He has worked under 7-8 employers and during that time he was involved in the selection of horses, therefore he has specialized knowledge in horses when traveling abroad to buy horses.


With the knowledge he gained from the experience, he started working as a horse trainer. He has won the Best Horse Trainer trophy on 6 occasions, and the horses he has trained have won the Governor’s Cup in eight races.

Mr. Lalith also provides information about students in universities and veterinary faculties when they come to get practical information.

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