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        Nimal Wijesinghe first entered the turf club in the years 1971-1972, while schooling. He started off training Sri Lankan horses and ponies. In the year 1973, he received the Jockey License to participate in races. His very first win was in the year 1980 with a horse named “King Zulu.” He is a well-seasoned man of the industry with 48 years of expertise and knowledge and describes the joy receives from training to be immense.


    In 1975, he trained under his first trainer Mr. Joseph and owner Mr. Wasantha Kumaraswami winning many races and received the title of Champion Jockey. Subsequently he raced horses owned by Mr. Wesley Rodhem under the training of Mr. Dunusekara. In 1977, he served for Mr. Uplai Wejewardene and trained under Mr. Dharmasena. During this time, Mr. Wejewardene gave him the opportunity to train in Singapore for 2 and a half months. 



1982, he raced in Baharain and won a couple of titles being his first victories clinched overseas. He returned to Sri Lankna in the year 1984 and worked under Mr. Shehan Wijeratne and trainer  Adi Selvanayagam. During this 12 year tenure he was able to win the champion jockey several times. At the same time, he raced the horse “In cash” owned by Mr. Ranjan Selvanayagam at the Governor’s cup and won the title. Wijeyasinghe also secured a win for Mr. Chandram Ratnam riding horse “Flying Fish” at yet another Governor’s Cup.


From the years 1996 to 2001, Wijeyasinghe served as a rider under trainer Mr. Durba Selvanayagam. Upon his return to Sri Lanka in 2002, He worked as a horse trainer under Mr. Gamini Jayaratne. He trained the horse “crowning Star” and won the Governor’s Cup and Champion Trainer title during this period. In 2005, Wijeyasinghe went to Ireland and trained under the world renowned horse trainer A. P. O. Brian as a ‘work rider’ till 2010. Once returning to Sri Lanka, he trained horses for Mr. Gamini Jayaratne winning yet another Champion Trainer title, and currently serve under Mr. Ajantha De Zoysa as their horse trainer.

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