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Governor’s Cup Race Day 2023

The Governor's Cup Race Day 2023, hosted by the RTC Nuwara Eliya, witnessed a thrilling display of horsemanship and competition. The prestigious event showcased the finest racehorses, owners, and jockeys, capturing the essence of equestrian excellence.


In the Sporting Times Challenge Trophy 1400, the spotlight shone on the remarkable performance of Admiral Nelson, trained by S. V. Mathialagan, ridden skillfully by K. Vivek and owned by Mr. Hasaranga and Paba Jayarathne, Admiral Nelson surged ahead with unmatched speed and determination, clinching victory amidst fierce competition.


Crack of Dawn emerged as the champion in The Sporting Star Challenge Trophy, covering a distance of 1070 meters. Owned by Mrs. Dagmar Woehrl and expertly trained by Mahesh and ridden by L. Ravi Kumar, Crack of Dawn dazzled spectators with a stellar performance, showcasing agility and prowess on the racetrack.


The excitement continued to mount in the RTC Queen’s Cup, where Royal Crystal, representing M/s Edwards Stable, claimed victory over a challenging 2000-meter course. Trained by S. D. Mahesh and ridden by N. S. Parmar, Royal Crystal demonstrated unwavering determination and grace, securing a well-deserved win in this prestigious event.


Finally, in the much vaunted Governor’s Cup, Another Ace emerged as a standout contender, conquering the 1600-meter distance with finesse. Owned by the dynamic duo Mr. Hasaranga and. Paba Jayarathne, Another Ace, trained by S. V. Mathialagan and ridden by K. Sai Kiran, showcased exceptional skill and strategy, crossing the finish line in triumphant fashion.

The Governor's Cup 2023 was a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, talent, and dedication within the equestrian community. As the event concluded, participants and spectators alike celebrated the unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements witnessed on the racetrack, eagerly anticipating future displays of equine excellence.

Thrill & Chill In Nuwara'Eliya

Thrill & Chill 

Thrill and Chill in Nuwara'Eliya. 

🏇🏇 RTC Governor's Cup 2021,Powered by EFL 🏇🏇

15th of April, 10am onwards.

Tickets available at selected locations, VIP Lounge - Rs.15,000


Be there and be a part of Sri Lanka's most glamorous event of the year! 


⭐ Dazzling Fashion Shows

⭐ Tantalising Live performance by celebrity artist Umaria Sinhawansa

⭐ Live Music Band - Redeemers 

⭐ Action packed races by Sri Lanka's best thoroughbred horses



A Day At Royal Turf Club


Open the gates to the public, and the day begins. Enjoy breakfast and a coffee as the enclosures fill up.


Race 1 for class 5 horses begin


Race 2 for Class 4 horses begin


Race 3 for Class 3 horses begin


Race 04 (Queen's Cup) for Class 2 horses will begin


Race 05 (Governor's Cup) for Class

1 horses will begin


Day closes

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