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The Governer’s Cup 2022  - Alcazaba gallops to victory

In the heart of Nuwara Eliya, amidst the rolling hills and verdant pastures, stands the illustrious racing track where the most prestigious event of the season, the RTC Governor’s Cup, is held.  Spectators from far and wide gathered, their anticipation palpable as they awaited the thrilling display of speed and prowess on the track. 


Among the contenders stood a majestic mare, Alcazaba, known for her grace and indomitable spirit. Owned by the esteemed Ms. Deepthi Jayakody and trained meticulously by Raju Virupakashaiah, Alcazaba had carved her name in the annals of racing history. With Aneel Kolltur, the acclaimed jockey, in the saddle, she was a force to be reckoned with. 


As the gates flung open, the thundering of hooves echoed across the track. Alcazaba surged forward, her muscles rippling beneath her sleek coat as she galloped with unmatched determination.

The crowd erupted into cheers as Alcazaba crossed the finish line, her victory a testament to her unparalleled skill and the bond she shared with her rider. Aneel Kolltur, his determination mirrored in the steely glint of his eyes, guided her to triumph once more, securing not only the Governor’s Cup but also his title as the "Best Jockey" of the season.


But amidst the jubilation, there lingered a bittersweet note, for this race marked the end of an era. It was Alcazaba's final gallop, her last hurrah before retiring from the track. With grace and dignity, she bowed out, leaving behind a legacy that would be remembered for generations to come.


In the twilight of the evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, Alcazaba was led back to her stable, her head held high, adorned with garlands of flowers. She had given her all, leaving behind a trail of victories and memories that would forever be cherished.


As the stars adorned the night sky, a sense of reverence filled the air, for Alcazaba – Queen of Nuwara Eliya – had bid farewell to the racing world, her legacy etched into the hearts of all who had witnessed her grace and greatness. And though she may have retired from the track, her spirit would continue to gallop, immortalized in the annals of racing history.


Other winners at the Governor’s Cup race day were Krabi owned by Deepthika Jayakodi, trained by Raju Virupakshaiah and ridden by P. Dinesh who won The Sporting Times Cup 1070. The Sporting Star Cup 1400 was won by Cosmic Feeling, owned by. Deepthika Jayakodi trained by Raju Virupakshaiahand ridden by L. Dayalan.  The RTC Mayor’s Cup 1600 was won by Legendry Princess owned by the Edwards Stable, trained by  Raju Virupakshaiah and ridden by C. Umesh while the RTC Queen’s Cup 2000 was on by  Another Ace  owned by Mr. Hasaranga Jayarathne, trained by Sridher Selvaratnam and ridden by A.Imran Khan 


Thrill & Chill In Nuwara'Eliya


A Day At Royal Turf Club


Open the gates to the public, and the day begins. Enjoy breakfast and a coffee as the enclosures fill up.


Race 1 for class 5 horses begin


Race 2 for Class 4 horses begin


Race 3 for Class 3 horses begin


Race 04 (Queen's Cup) for Class 2 horses will begin


Race 05 (Governor's Cup) for Class

1 horses will begin


Day closes

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